DundraCon 2018

         This was my seventh time to DunDraCon. I attended for Saturday and Sunday with my son, on break from his freshman year at college.


Saturday 10AM for 6 hours
GM Troupe: Machimi Games
GM: Wendy Lo
Type: LARP
System: L.A.R.P.S. System
Players: 15
LARP Experience: Useful
Game Content: Mainstream
Genre: Alice in Wonderland
Costume Suggestions: Fantastical; admired but not required
Her Majesty, the Ever-Volatile Red Queen, has halted your croquet game to decide one crucial thing: Who will be Wonderland's Champion to slay the recently and terrifyingly announced Jabberwock Invasion? Her Red-Facedness will have SOMEone, or everyone's head will roll.

Fallout (open gaming)

Milo and I both tried out the Fallout boardgame in open gaming. We weren't familiar with the video game, though. It was interesting as an involved boardgame, but it didn't grab me that much. My boardgame tastes these days are falling more towards a simpler Eurogame style, like Pandemic.

Last Seat in Storage Room G

A Star Wars larp that Milo played in but I didn't make it into. I heard he did quite well as a lone Storm Trooper surrounded by rebellious droids, and managed to survive - locked in a storage compartment.

Under My Skin


Dungeon Crawl Classics (open gaming)

Milo played a short game of Dungeon Crawl Classics in open gaming, but I didn't get the details.

Throne of Chaos

Sunday 4 PM in 570 for 8 hours
GM Troupe: Peculiar Crossroads Productions
Type: LARP
System: Amber Diceless
Players: 20
Variations: Minor alterations
LARP Experience: Useful
Game Content: Mainstream
Genre: Fantasy
Costume Suggestions: Literally anything
This event will be an Amber Diceless RPG LARP set (as much as any Amber game can be said to be set in one place) in the Courts of Chaos just after the death of the king. The Timeline will begin after both sets of Zelazny novels, in 'modern times' on Shadow Earth. Characters will be provided and there will not be a points auction. Opportunities for high-danger/high-politics characters as well as low-pressure characters will both be available. Character vs character conflict is to be expected and considered the norm. Assassinations are an acceptable way of dealing with a political rival, though any deaths will have consequences. Extra characters will be available to players who's pc's die to politics.
Knowledge of the Amber universe or rules system is helpful but not necessary to play. All necessary settings and rules will be available at the game via hand-out.