Fantasy Hero: Mystara

     This is a Fantasy Hero campaign set in the world of Mystara, originally designed for D&D. I played in it briefly in the Spring of 2002. The PCs were:

Justina Case (Joseph):
A young woman of the Ulranai people, appearing 16 years old 5'2" with fiery red hair and emerald green eyes.
Natasha Greenbottle (Jen):
A hin (i.e. halfling) woman of slender build, 3'0" with blonde hair and blue eyes.
Myla (Kim):
Elven woman, an exile from Gilantri. 6'1" of slender build.
Anthony (John):
Elven man of rich dress, of clan Mealidil, exiled from Alfheim. 6'2" of heavy build for an elf (180 pounds), black hair and grey eyes. Has a letter of introduction from the head of Red Arrow Clan. Taken in by Tamian, general of the King's Guard in Mirros.

Local Information:


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