Sci-Fi Superheroes

         This was a superhero campaign set in a dystopic 2012, run in 1991 (or so) at U of Chicago by Robert Ellis. In 1994, bombs from alien invasion trigger superpowers in select humans. The aliens were eventually driven off, but a repressive world government had taken over. The PCs were superheroes maintaining a tiny free state in Hawaii.

         It used a homebrew variant of the Champions system written by the GM, Robert Ellis. Powers were thoroughly rewritten.

Xero (Richard Garfinkle)
An electrically-powered superhero, with political machinations.
Sorceress (Allesandra Kelly)
A telepath who summoned strange creatures from other dimensions with her mental powers. She was blithe to the ethical ramifications of controlling these creatures to fight for her.
Blackout (John Kim)
A dumb but very powerful teleporter, who had an internal pocket dimension that was a cube roughly 8 meters on a side. Secretly, he was only playing dumb and was a ultra-violent rebel against the world government, taking even terroristic actions to try to overthrow it.
Twister (John Kim)
A living FTL drive, who could teleport 5502 light-years in a single action.
Fred (Chris Lehrich)
A curious old martial arts master with magnetic superpowers, with inscrutable mannerisms.
Shade (Chris Lehrich)
A bizarre, barely-human creature which existing as an ethereal hologram. It was capable of inflicting mental illusions on people sufficient to drive them insane.
Synergy (Ron Levy)
A telepathic hero whose powers focussed on making a group more effective.
Nova (Keith McCall)
A socially-isolated superhero with plasma powers, who had lived for years in outer space.
Statuemaker (Craig Neumeier)
A powerful superhero who had the ability to form a body out of any matter: earth, metal, air, etc. His true power was in simply forming the body, though, since he could target any matter to do that.

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