Silicon Valley Slayage

         This is information for Silicon Valley Slayage, a role-playing campaign using Buffy-the-Vampire-Slayer RPG from Eden Studios. The first "season" was GMed by Bill Humphries, and originally started in November 2002, then went on hiatus, then played out from Fall 2003 to Spring 2004. Season Two went from October 2004 to June 2005. After a break for the summer, Season Three went from September 2005 to April 2006.

         The premise has been a twist on the Buffy/Angel meshing of real-life and fantasy. The main cast are all Silicon Valley professionals, who over the course of the first season established themselves as a startup company ( which also operated as a cover for vampire-slaying. The Big Bad of the first season was a vampire alchemist named Rene Xavier, who wanted to perfect his immortality using new nanotechnology.

Mock poster for the game and pitch of the concept.
Main Cast
Overview of the current main cast (i.e. PC's).
Online Character Sheets
This is an alpha-version app to let the players edit and display their character sheets.
Supporting Cast
Overview of recurring supporing characters (i.e. NPC's).
Character Map
A visual diagram of the PCs and recurring NPCs.
Combined Season Timeline
An overview of Buffy, Angel, and Silicon Valley Slayage.
SVS Season One Episode Guide
A brief summary of the action of each episode.
SVS Season Two Episode Guide
A brief summary of the action of each episode.
SVS Season Three Episode Guide
A brief summary of the action of each episode.
GM's Campaign Blog (at
In-Character Blogs/Websites
Vampster Wiki
Dot's Blog
Chip's Blog
Max's Blog
Roberta's Blog
Ifurita's Blog
Kat Sinclair's Blog
Carlos' Blog
Doug's Blog
House Rules
An outline of the rules changes for the Season Two campaign, along with explanations behind them.
My General Buffy RPG Page
Including play aids, house rules, and other stuff.


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