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         This is an alphabetical-by-title encyclopedia of all printed tabletop (i.e. non-computer) role-playing games. Each entry includes author, publication date, and company for each edition of the game, along with a capsule description. It has entries for 1101 games, although a few entries are sketchy (mostly non-English or out-of-print games that I have not seen). My special thanks to Patrice Mermoud for his help, along with other contributors (cf. credits). If you have additional information on RPGs in the list or on my rumors page below, please send me email at jhkim@darkshire.net.

Full List
All entries in a single large HTML file, suitable for printing. This is approximately 500k. I have alternate formats: zipped HTML, XML, and zipped XML.
Lastly, there is a Complete Timeline (HTML).
Alphabetical Files
Language Files
Year Files
General information on the list including source, links, and my criteria for inclusion.
Rumored RPGs
This is a list of rumored RPGs which I have not yet included on the list since I have only a name or otherwise limited information.

J. Hanju Kim <hanjujkim-at-gmail-dot-com>
Last modified: Thu May 1 21:39:13 2008