D&D3 Spell Tables

     These are a bunch of information about D&D spells which I have parsed from the draft D20 SRD which is available from the Open Gaming Foundation.

Extended Class Spell Tables
These are class spell-list tables for the standard PHB classes that have component, casting time, and duration as well as the short description.
Spell Properties Viewer
This is a script which shows the distribution of all the values of a given spell property (such as Range, Duration, etc.). This is useful for seeing which spells have unusual values for these.

     If you have a programming background and are interested, you can download the source code files. DndSpells.pm is an object-oriented Perl module which stores spell information and can parse the files of the D20 SRD. Note that there are some typos in the SRD files which it can and should complain about. find.pl is an example script using this module. If anyone is interested in helping making a better interface for people to use this, please email me.

     You might also want to look at the d20-xml group and Luke Jones' RPM program.

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