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Ad Astra: The New Age by Paul DuBois
Keywords: genre postapocalyptic fantasy scifi rules-lite long
A post-apocalypse science fantasy setting, with various alien races mixed with tribal humanity. An expanded version with GM-only information is available in print (not free). Character creation is point-based. ~60 pages basic rules and background (HTML).
Anarcho Australis by Craig Thomas Judd
Keywords: genre postapocalyptic scifi rules-lite
A post-apocalypse game set in Australia, using a simple d10 skill-based system. ~5 pages ASCII text.
Badlands by Charles R. Capko Jr.
Keywords: genre postapocalyptic scifi rules-lite
A post-apocalypse RPG based on the computer game Wasteland. It uses (1d20 + Attribute + Skill) vs difficulty. Character creation is by random-roll attributes, class choice, and point-bought skills. 45 pages rules (MSWord or Text).
CyberFUDGE by David Jaquith
Keywords: genre postapocalyptic scifi fantasy long
A cyberpunk/fantasy mix, set in a near-future where magic returned to Earth, resulting in a world war. The war was ended by an army of cyber- and magic-enhanced super-soldiers created by the U.S., Australia, and England. It uses a variant of the Fudge system. 51 pages (PDF).
deadEarth by J.T. Smith with Chris Hagness and Michael Helfman
Keywords: genre postapocalyptic scifi long
A post-nuclear-apocalypse survival RPG, the 51-page free version of the 174-page published game from Anarchy inK. Available free after web registration. It uses a d6 dice-pool system with random-roll character creation including 100 mutations (1000 in the published version!). 51 page Players Handbook (PDF), 101 page GM handbook expansion (PDF).
deGenesis by Christian Gunther
Keywords: genre postapocalyptic scifi long preview
A German-language post-apocalyptic RPG, a free download with identical content to the commercially published book. It uses a system based on 2d10 roll-under-skill. 380 pages rules and background (PDF).
Endland by BSI Productions
Keywords: genre postapocalyptic long preview
A German-language post-apocalyptic RPG. It was a commercial RPG that is now out of print, and the full rules are now available for download. 297 pages rules and background (PDF).
Enoch: Role-playing in the Second Genesis by Chad Walker
Keywords: genre postapocalyptic fantasy long
A post-apocalyptic fantasy RPG, where the PCs are rebels fighting against an oppressive natural order including immortals from before the Fall, demons, and more. Resolution is roll under the sum of two attributes on 1d20. There are eight attributes ("spheres") rated 1 to 10: Combat, Medicine, Cunning, Presence, Lore, Conviction, Technology and Survival. Character creation is limited point-based. There are also mundane and supernatural advantages ("charms" and "talents"). 66 pages rules and background (PDF).
<""> Fallout: The Pencil and Paper Role-Playing Game, v2.0 by Jason N. Mical
Keywords: genre postapocalyptic scifi long
A post-nuclear-apocalypse RPG set after a nuclear war in 2077, based on the computer game by Interplay. It uses a simple percentile system with limited point-based character creation. 157 pages core rules (PDF), plus several sourcebooks.
From Chaos Comes Order by Hector Rene Segovia
Keywords: genre postapocalyptic scifi rules-lite
A post-apocalypse RPG using the Fudge system, set after computer virus wipes out all governments and financial institutions. ~15 pages rules and background (MSWord format).
Gamma World D6 by Thomas Deeny
Keywords: genre postapocalyptic scifi
An adaptation of the published RPG "Gamma World" to the D6 System from West End Games. ~12 pages rules (HTML).
Heavy Ordnance by Christopher Blankley
Keywords: genre postapocalyptic scifi long
A humorous RPG about well-armed schoolchildren after an apocalypse where a runaway nuclear reaction in the cafeteria has turned teachers into flesh-eating demons. It uses a dice pool system: roll (attribute+skill) d10's, where each die over the difficulty is a success. Character creation is by random-roll attributes and point-bought skills. Includes a brief sample adventure. 46 pages text.
How To Blow Up The World by Shanya Almafeta
Keywords: genre postapocalyptic scifi
A general system aimed at the post-apocalyptic genre. Character creation is open point-based, spending 100 points plus 50 points per level among six attributes, skills, combat abilities, and advantages. Combat resolution uses 1d20 plus modifiers, but skill rolls are percentile. It includes notes on world creation (how the world ends), community design, and random adventure generation. ~40 pages HTML.
Love the Bomb by Mark Iradian
Keywords: genre postapocalyptic scifi rules-lite
A "narrative post-apocalypse RPG" about playing those among the few remaining survivors of a nuclear holocaust, exploring the wastelands that remain. 32 pages rules (PDF).
MonkeyDome by Epidiah Ravachol
Keywords: genre postapocalyptic scifi rules-lite
A post-apocalyptic storytelling game. The players decide on what sort of apocalypse happened, and then proceed to set up scenes that the Game Blaster (GM) sets up. The scene and character reactions are determined by rolling ThunderBones: two six-sided dice, the Grim Die and the Zany Die. Whichever is higher determines the overall tone of the scene and of individual character reactions. 33 pages rules (PDF).
Mutant Bikers of the Atomic Wastelands
Keywords: genre postapocalyptic scifi rules-lite
A humorous RPG of "post-apocalyptic motorised mayhem" based on the Fudge system. ~20 pages rules and background (HTML).
octaNe by Jared A. Sorensen
Keywords: genre postapocalyptic scifi rules-lite long
A formerly free RPG now available in print or in PDF format. The original free version was ~40 pages in HTML compared to 120 pages (PDF or print) for the current commercial game. It is a post-apocalyptic RPG set amidst "trash-culture" America. It uses a dramatic system where 3d6 is rolled, and as long as one die is 4 or higher, the player gets to call the shots. A higher stat increases the rewards for a success, but not the chance of success. Character creation is limited point bought. 120 pages (PDF).
Proteus by Sean McLaughlin
Keywords: genre scifi postapocalyptic long rules-lite world
A post-apocalypse RPG set on a colony planet (Ad Tair) after a devastating accident. Now humanity shares the planet with six intelligent alien races, and struggles to rebuild. It uses a simple dice pool system: roll (attribute + skill) d10s, with each roll over difficulty counting as one success, and each "1" rolled subtracting from successes. Character creation is point-based, with archetypes for different species. There is one supplement with new rules for drugs, merits/flaws, new skills, psionics, equipment, and races. 95 pages core rules plus 32 page supplement (PDF).
Roadworld by Wilson Zorn
Keywords: genre postapocalyptic scifi rules-lite long
A post-apocalypse RPG based on "The Road Warrior" and other films, set in the 24th century. It uses a skill-based system (roll 2d6 under skill) with detailed year-by-year character creation. ~31 pages HTML.
Under the Broken Moon by Brandon Blackmoor
Keywords: genre postapocalyptic fantasy rules-lite long
A post-apocalyptic fantasy game based on the television cartoon series "Thundarr the Barbarian". It uses a simple set of rules adapted from Atlas Games' "Over the Edge" RPG. ~40 page HTML.
Wasteland Hero by Ronald A. Miller
Keywords: genre postapocalyptic scifi long supplement
A sourcebook for the HERO system based on a post-apocalyptic future featuring rules and background. It includes character creation with random mutation tables, various technology notes, and background. ~80 pages (HTML).
Waste World Lite by Bill King
Keywords: genre postapocalyptic scifi preview
A free HTML version of the commercial anime-inspired, post-apocalyptic roleplaying game. ~28 pages (HTML).

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