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Arumo: the Kingdom of Wilted Flowers by Kyle Marquis
Keywords: genre traditional scifi fantasy rules-lite preview wotc-d20
Preview of a fantasy RPG set in a world of organic technology. The current edition uses the WotC "D20" system, with additions specific to the world. ~10 pages HTML rules plus ~18 pages background.
The Great War by Maarten Oord
Keywords: genre modern fantasy wotc-d20
A modern fantasy game set in a parallel version of World War I in a fantasy world ("Elon") complete with elves, dwarves and magic. The game presents variants of D&D3 rules (i.e. D20 System) for the setting. ~20 pages (HTML).
Nexus D20 by Garrowolf
Keywords: genre fantasy scifi long wotc-d20
A science fantasy RPG based on an extensive variant of the D20 system, set in an interdimensional Nexus - a realm that connects to other realms, but also contains its own islands floating in a vast astral sea. There are levels and races but no classes, and no base attack bonus or saving throws. Instead there is a custom character framework, and the system focuses more around skills. There are many feats, each associated with a skill. It also includes a new magic system with powers rather than spell lists. 100+ pages HTML.
Outlanda by Rebecca Laffar-Smith
Keywords: genre fantasy traditional online wotc-d20
A bulletin-board based online RPG, based on D&D third edition. There are no rules provided (just links for the official books), but there is various background material primarily in the monthly ezine. ~25 pages HTML.
Owl Hoot Trail, Playtest Edition 2 by Clinton R. Nixon
Keywords: genre preview open-license wotc-d20
A game set in a fantasy version of the American Old West, using a variant of the Microlite20 system. It includes Humans, Half'ins, Ferals, and Hill Folk as races - along with Lawman, Scout, Gunslinger, Ruffian, Scoundrel, Gadgeteer, Mentalist, Preacher, and Shaman as classes. 22 pages playtest rules (PDF).
Paragon by D. Jon Mattson (aka "Cwylric")
Keywords: genre modern superhero scifi long world wotc-d20
A superhero RPG based on the WotC "D20" system, used in 3rd edition Dungeons and Dragons. It contains new races, new classes, and superpower rules. It includes a sourcebook for "Vancouver 2020", a shared-universe superhero setting. 104 pages basic rules (PDF or MSWord) plus 120 pages background (PDF or MSWord).
Paranoia D20 by Michael Shortt
Keywords: genre scifi world wotc-d20
An adaptation of the published "Paranoia" RPG to WotC's D20 system. 231 pages (PDF).
Pathfinder Alpha Playtest by Jason Bulmahn
Keywords: genre fantasy traditional long wotc-d20
An adaptation of the 3.5 edition of Dungeons & Dragons by Paizo publishing, using the open source D20 system rules. 66 pages (PDF).
The Sleeping Imperium
Keywords: genre scifi long supplement wotc-d20
The "Sleeping Imperium" science fiction setting for use with Fudge and 3rd edition D&D (aka "D20" system). This includes a number of setting-independent optional rules systems for use with Fudge and d20. 23 pages background (PDF), 30 pages Fudge rules supplements (PDF), 144 pages d20 rules supplements (PDF).
Spycraft Lite by Patrick Kapera (AEG, Inc)
Keywords: genre modern rules-lite preview wotc-d20
This is the preview version for a modern espionage game using the "D20" system from 3rd edition D&D. This includes six new base classes, along with complete rules summary for skills, feats, combat, and chases. 32 pages (PDF).
Transcendence by George Chatzipetros
Keywords: genre fantasy long wotc-d20
A dark fantasy RPG set in a close parallel to Europe in the Dark Ages. PC's are the "Awakened": heroes put to sleep ages ago by the gods and now returning as spirit-like entities. They have various factions, and all have "Dream Powers". There are three editions for this, each using different rules. 1st edition uses its own system, 2nd edition uses the freeware Nova rules as a core, 3rd edition is a supplement for the "D20" system from WotC. ~200 pages (PDF).
Traveller20 Lite by Martin J. Dougherty
Keywords: genre scifi long preview supplement wotc-d20
This is a preview version of the Traveller20 game, which is an adaptation of the original Traveller RPG (from Far Future Enterprises) to the "D20" system from D&D third edition. The lite rules include complete listings for all skills and feats. However, it refers to the D&D Players handbook for basic combat rules, which it modifies extensively. It also includes only the Merchant class, as opposed to 16 classes in the non-free game. 64 pages (PDF).

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