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Advanced Star Frontiers, 4th edition by JPayne
Keywords: genre scifi supplement
This is an extensive addition to the published "Star Frontiers" game from TSR. It is not really a complete game, but includes substantially rewritten sections. ~50 pages (HTML).
Angel/Demon: The Rapture by Christopher Blankley
Keywords: genre modern horror long supplement
A supplement for White Wolf's Storyteller system, about playing immaterial angels who manifest by entering human bodies -- fighting with demons who possess them. ~20 pages HTML rules plus ~10 pages sourcebook.
DwarvenWorld by Marco Dell'Acqua and Leorando Malcovati
Keywords: genre fantasy traditional supplement world
A medieval fantasy setting on a planet of higher density than Earth, with various human and dwarven kingdoms. ~27 pages HTML.
Earth Delta 1.5
Keywords: genre scifi long supplement
A "Mutant Adventuring" supplement for Fourth Edition D&D that tries to emulate Gamma World while staying compatible and balanced with core D&D4. It introduces new races, classes, powers, equipment, and creatures/NPCs along with a few rules changes such as modified skills. 347 pages rules (PDF).
Fargoth World Building Project
Keywords: genre traditional fantasy long supplement world
A collaborative project building a traditional fantasy world. It includes individual descriptions of kingdoms, races, monsters, flora, fauna, and gods. ~70 pages descriptions (HTML).
Gehennum by Brett Evill
Keywords: genre fantasy long supplement world
A non-traditional fantasy setting for use with any rule system. Gehennum is a volcanic and mountainous archipelago ringed with coral and clad in jungle. It is closer to south-east Asia rather than medieval Europe in nature and culture. ~40 pages HTML.
Highlander Rules for the Storyteller system by Hank Driskill and John Gavigan
Keywords: genre modern long supplement
A detailed adaptation of "Highlander" for the Storyteller system. It includes character creation mechanics and a variant combat system, but is not a complete standalone system. 54 pages (PDF, HTML, or text-only).
Highlander Rules for D&D3
Keywords: genre modern long supplement
A detailed adaptation of "Highlander" for the 3rd edition D&D system. 38 pages PDF.
Imperial Magician by Marc Uhl
Keywords: genre fantasy long supplement
A French-language RPG system -- ostensibly "a medieval fantasy role playing game from a subjective view designed for micro information processing." ~80 pages HTML.
Inju for Storyteller by Ed Hrzic
Keywords: genre fantasy supplement
An adaptation of White Wolf's Storyteller system for "Inju" -- various monsters from the Japanese for "demon-beast". 15 pages rules (text-only).
The World of JERA! by Steve Myers
Keywords: genre fantasy traditional long world supplement
A fantasy world in a "magi-punk" steam age, designed for the AD&D system but including some of its own rules. ~100 pages background (HTML).
Khoras by David M. Roomes
Keywords: genre traditional fantasy long supplement world
A very detailed fantasy world with non-system-specific notes. It is intended to be realistic with fantasy additions. There are traditional dwarves and elves along with Avarians, Saurians, and other races. It details 35 nations and 26 cities along with races, fauna, flora, and other information. ~250 pages HTML.
The Nutcracker Prince by Peter Seckler and Clinton R. Nixon
Keywords: genre fantasy long supplement
A fairy-tale-like dreamland fantasy RPG, based on a speculative version of 3rd edition D&D. 53 pages PDF rules plus ~20 pages various background.
Phoenix Command High-Speed Pursuit System
Keywords: genre modern long supplement
This is a extensive supplement to the published Phoenix Command system (from Leading Edge Games) for motor vehicle chases and engagements. 160 pages (PDF).
Profile by John Buckmaster
Keywords: universal rules-lite supplement live-action
This is a free live-action conversion of the Silhouette game system (used in "Gear Krieg", "Tribe 8", and other games by Dream Pod 9). It requires one of the main rulebooks of those systems for character creation and other aspects of play. 16 pages PDF.
Saga Basic Rules
Keywords: universal rules-lite supplement
This is a universal system adapted from the out-of-print TSR games "Dragonlance: Fifth Age" and "Marvel Superheroes Adventure Game". The rules are complete but use a special Fate Deck for action resolution (which can come from either of the games). Players have a hand of cards, which they play from for each action: attribute (1-9) + skill (0 or 4) + card total vs difficulty. The suit of cards and the PC's Edge may allow more than one card to be played. ~10 pages (HTML or MSWord).
Schism by Jared A. Sorensen
Keywords: genre modern horror rules-lite supplement
A former free RPG, now a cheap supplement for the Sorcerer RPG. It is a surreal modern conspiracy/horror setting, inspired mainly by the films of director David Cronenberg. The PC's are secret revolutionaries with psychic powers, in the near future fighting against a corrupt society. 36 pages background (PDF).
The Sleeping Imperium
Keywords: genre scifi long supplement wotc-d20
The "Sleeping Imperium" science fiction setting for use with Fudge and 3rd edition D&D (aka "D20" system). This includes a number of setting-independent optional rules systems for use with Fudge and d20. 23 pages background (PDF), 30 pages Fudge rules supplements (PDF), 144 pages d20 rules supplements (PDF).
Keywords: genre fantasy world supplement
A fantasy world, notable especially for its detailed maps including population, political boundaries, and terrain. ~50 pages background (HTML text and JPG maps).
Traveller20 Lite by Martin J. Dougherty
Keywords: genre scifi long preview supplement wotc-d20
This is a preview version of the Traveller20 game, which is an adaptation of the original Traveller RPG (from Far Future Enterprises) to the "D20" system from D&D third edition. The lite rules include complete listings for all skills and feats. However, it refers to the D&D Players handbook for basic combat rules, which it modifies extensively. It also includes only the Merchant class, as opposed to 16 classes in the non-free game. 64 pages (PDF).
Tribal Earth by Chris Parlevliet
Keywords: genre modern fantasy supplement
A worldbook for the free CARE system, for a magical version of modern-day earth, where five tribes (humans, were-creatures, magical "shapers", undead, and gods) live together in the 20th century. ~20 pages rules and background.
Wasteland Hero by Ronald A. Miller
Keywords: genre postapocalyptic scifi long supplement
A sourcebook for the HERO system based on a post-apocalyptic future featuring rules and background. It includes character creation with random mutation tables, various technology notes, and background. ~80 pages (HTML).
Zombie: The Coil by Daniel Solis
Keywords: genre modern horror supplement long
An adaptation of White Wolf's Storyteller system for zombies. Currently in alpha release. 66 pages MSWord format.

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