RPG Company List: Brazil

Akrito Editora
Brazilian makers of the Crepúsculo RPG, by Cristiano Chaves. Founded by the authors of the RPG "Desafio dos Bandeirantes" (Challenge of the Bandeirantes) and other RPGs and game-books: Flavio Andrade and Carlos Eduardo Klimick Pereira.
Comic Store Comercial Ltda
Small-press makers of the Portugese-language universal system Opera RPG 'Beholders Lost in Alternative Realities', by Leonardo Andrade and Rogério Godoy (2004). There is also an English-language a shareware version.
Conclave Editora
Makers of the Portuguese-language fantasy RPGs, including a Vikings D20 supplement that has been translated into English.
Devir Livraria
Sao Paolo (Brazil)
Publishers of a number of Portuguese-language RPGs, including translations of GURPS, Dungeons & Dragons, and World of Darkness products.
GSA Editora
Former makers of the Portuguese-language fantasy RPGs, Tagmar and O Desafio dos Bandeirantes. This was the first Brazilian RPG publishing company, established in 1991 for Ygor Moral, Leonardo Faria, Marcelo Rodrigues and Julio Cesar, all from Rio De Janeiro. They went out of business in 1996.

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