RPG Company List: Spain

Ayatolah Games
Seville (Spain)
Small-press makers of the Spanish-language RPGs, including the post-apocalyptic game Erial (2004) and the superhero game Xtraídos (2004) and the humorous teen horror game Hallowteen (2004). Founded by editor and writer Carlos Correia along with Illustrator and Art Director Javi BIT, writer Vicente de los Santos, and illustrators Carlos Lima, Hissam Rahal, Ibon Sánchez, Jacobo Marquez, Jordi Planellas, Luis Miguel Rodriguez, Luis Miguel Seco, and Marce Hernandez.
La Cocoguawa
Asturias (Spain)
Makers of the Spanish-language RPGs Piltrufos: el juego de rol piltrufantemente piltrufero (2001), El Juego de Rol Flynn (2002), and Moffet Babies: el juego de rol de los bebes mofetas (2002).
Devir Iberia
Rambla Cataluña, 117 Pral. 2, 08008 Barcelona (Spain)
A Spanish company which produces Spanish adaptations of Dungeons & Dragons, Hackmaster, and Star Wars d20. They also publish 2nd edition Fanhunter and the Capitán Alatriste RPG.
Distri Magen
Pico Mulhacén, 24. Pol Ind. "El Aquitón". 28500, Arganda del Rey (Spain)
Makers of Spanish-language RPGs translated from English.
Edge Entertainment
Apdo. de Correos 13257 41007 Sevilla (Spain)
A Spanish company, small-press makers of Redención (2004), by Juan Antonio Huerta Domínguez.
Farsa's Wagon
A Spanish-language publisher of games that was later absorbed by major publisher Devir.
Joc Internacional
Matas Salla prf 7831 SAN 003-7729 (Spain)
Makers of Spanish-language RPGs including Aquelarre and Oráculo. They also published Spanish-language editions of Call of Cthulhu (along with many modules), RuneQuest, Star Wars D6, Paranoia, Pendragon, Stormbringer, In Nomine Satanis / Magna Veritas, Nephilim, and Rolemaster. Around 1994 they encountered economic difficulties and eventually folded.
Madrid (Spain)
Small-press publishers of the Spanish-language Bronze Age fantasy RPG, La Puerta De Ishtar (2012), along with other RPGs including the medieval fantasy RPG, Ablaneda (2014), and translations of the Japanese-language RPG Ryuutama and the English-language RPG Dungeon Crawl Classics.
Ediciones Sombra
Apartado de Correos 108. 46940 Manises, Valencia (Spain)
Makers of the Spanish-language science-fiction RPG Exo, the world-war-II RPG Comandos de Guerra, and the prehistoric RPG Pangea.

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