RPG Company List: Italy

0one Roleplaying Games
Via Morghen 92, 80129, Naples (Italy)
Small-press makers of 3rd edition D&D (aka "D20") adventures. Founded by Mario Barbati in 2000.
An Italian development group of role playing games, illustrations, comics and more. Makers of the martial arts RPG Musha Shugyo (2015) by Luca De Marini. Founded by Luca De Marini and David Quaroni.
Alephtar Games
Small-press makers of games including the paranormal detective RPG, Nameless Streets (2010), and the martial arts RPG, Aegis (2011), as well as supplements for RuneQuest and the Basic Roleplaying system including "BRP Rome", "Merrie England", and others. Headed by Paolo Guccione.
Asterion Press
Small-press makers of the dark fantasy / horror RPG Nephandum (2005) and the fantasy RPG Empyrea (2006) (both using the D20 system), along with the post-apocalyptic horror RPG Sine Requie (2006).
Coyote Press
Small-press makers of the Italian language RPG, Ravendeath, by Iacopo Frigerio.
Ganesha Games
Small-press makers of the magical pets RPG Familiars (2007), and the fantasy RPG Tales of Blades and Heroes (2012), along with the fast-play fantasy miniatures rules "Song of Blades and Heroes" and "Song of Gold and Darkness". Founded in 2007 by author Andrea Sfiligoi.
Golem Games
Small-press publishers of RPGs and boardgames in electronic (PDF) format.
Inspired Device
Small-press makers of supplements in English and Italian for Dungeons & Dragons, along with Super - Il Gioco di ruolo dei supereroi (2008), an Italian-language adaptation of BASH! Basic Action Super Heroes. Founded in 2005 by Danilo Moretti (Creative direction), Stefano Cocciardi (Editing), Davide Quatrini (Game Design), Ciro Alessandro Sacco (Editing), Michele Zanellino (Translations and Game Design), and Jennifer Schoonover (proofreading and Editing).
Nexus Games
Via Calagrande 9, 55040 Capezzano Pianore, LU (Italy)
An Italian company, makers of Italian-langauge RPGs: Lex Arcana, Dragon Ball Z, Il Gioco Di Ruolo Di Ken Il Guerriero, and Venetia Obscura.
Rose and Poison
An Italian company, makers of the Italian-language modern fantasy RPG Angeli e Demoni, 2nd edition Orlando Furioso, the modern horror RPG Sine Requie, and the Italian version of The Extraordinary Adventures of Baron Munchausen under the title "Le straodinarie avventure del Barone di Munchausen". In 2002 they published a free game called "Free fantasy" that is available for download from our website, and an open-license system entitled "Open Fantasy Rules" with cyberpunk and horror genre support in addition.

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