RPG Company List: Finland

Burger Games
Löydöstie 1E60, 01600 Vantaa (Finland)
A Finnish company, small-press makers of the post-ecological-catastrophe RPG Taiga (in English), along with Finnish-language RPGs Miekkamies and Praedor. Founded by author Ville Vuorela.
Energia Productions
Tampere (Finland)
An amateur Finnish production company who made a feature-length sci-fi parody entitled "Star Wreck". They are also the publishers of the Star Wreck Roleplaying Game (2006), written by Mike Pohjola -- an English-language RPG adaptation of the film. It was founded by five students in Tampere, Finland, headed by Samuli Torssonen.
Iron Spine Games
Tampere (Finland)
A Finnish company, publishers of the Finnish-language sci-fi "space noir" game, Heimot (2006) by Miska Fredman. Founded in 2006 by the author.

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