RPG Company List: NewZealand

FSpace Publications
30 Gardiner Grove, Wainuiomata, Lower Hutt 5014 (New Zealand)
Small-press makers of the sci-fi game FSpace RPG (1991), by founder Martin Rait.
Red Brick Limited
Auckland (New Zealand)
An international publisher of roleplaying games based in Auckland, New Zealand. Publishers of the Earthdawn and Fading Suns roleplaying games and related material. They have an original game line, Equinox, currently (2008) in development. It is a science fantasy game set in a dark future, on the war-ravaged Eighth World, where there are spaceships, mystic powers, and exotic races. Founded in 2003.
Simon Carryer Games
Wellington (New Zealand)
Small-press makers of On Mighty Thews (2011). An imprint of author Simon Carryer.

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