RPG Company List: France

7ème Cercle
10, rue d'Alexandre 64600 Anglet (France)
Makers of RPGs in French and English, including Vermine (2004), Contes ensorcelés (2005), Qin: The Warring States (2005/2007), and Kuro (2007). They also publish French-language versions of Little Fears, Kult, Unknown Armies, and Esoterrorists.
ZIPEC - 15, Avenue Descartes, 92350 Le Plessis Robinson (France)
A French-language RPG company, makers of Premiers Áges.
Excelsior Publication: Casus Belli / Jeux Descartes
1 rue du Colonel Pierre-Avia, F-75015 PARIS (France)
A French magazine publisher, which published several French-language RPGs generally in magazine format. Some of these were thru the gaming magazine "Jeux Descartes" or the later magazine "Casus Belli". The RPGs include: 2089: Le Jeu du Tricentenaire, Enfer & Damnation, Le Petit Peuple, Mega, Simulacres, and ROLE.
Pierre-Nicolas Lapointe
115, rue de la Gare, 94290 Villeneuve Le Roi (France)
Small-press maker of French-language RPGs, including: Space Delirium and Sombre Cauchemar.
Editions du Matagot
9 rue Lakanal 75015 Paris (France)
Makers of the French-language historical RPG, Te Deum Pour un Massacre (2005) by Jean-Philippe Jaworski; as well as the post-apocalyptic RPG Cendres (2002) by Stephan Chapuis. They also publish supplements for 3rd edition D&D (aka "D20"), including the "Pestilence" fantasy setting.
24/26 rue des Prairies, F-75020 Paris (France)
20, rue des Rasselins, 75020 Paris (France)
A French RPG company, makers of Reve de Dragon (1985), Nephilim (1991), Chimères (1994), Guildes (1996), Agone (1999), Retrofutur (2002), and other RPGs. It went bankrupt in 2003.
Rackham Press
Paris (France)
Makers of miniature and board games, along with the Cadwallon tactical fantasy RPG in French and English (compatible with their Confrontation miniatures game). Founded in 1997.
Le Scriptorium
An independent studio in France aiming at developing games in partnership. Makers of the modern-day occult horror RPG Apokryph: le dernier Cantique (2003) by Sofiène Boumaza. There is also a site for the game at apokryph.free.fr. It has a number of members: Sofiène Boumaza (project leader of Apokryph); Elwin Charpentier (writer, author of "Etherne"); Frédéric Mesny (writer); Pascal Broxolle (editor); Jean-Charles Marzin (writer); Nicolas Poitier (System); Jerôme Saulnier (communication); Anael Verdier (Script doctor, author of "Projet Yama"); Cedric Chaillol (writer, author of "Kémi"); and Mikael Cheyrias (writer, author of "AMI").
Siroz / Ideojeux S.A.R.L
1, route de Versailles, Villiers-le-Bacle, F-91160 GIF-SUR-YVETTE (France)
A French company, makers of the French-language RPGs Animonde, Athanor, Berlin XVIII, Bitume, Bloodlust, Heavy Metal, In Nomine, Night Prowler, Scales, Stella Inquisitorus, Universom, Whog Shrog, and Zone. Contact through Stéphane Bura bura@laforia.ibp.fr.

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