RPG Company List: Poland

The Forge Studios
A small-press Polish game company, makers of supplements for 3rd edition D&D (aka "D20"), including sets of artwork, battle tiles, and maps. Founded by authors Maciej Zagorski and Pawel Dobosz, with "support members" Aśka, Daniel, Krysiek, Iwona, and Przemek.
Wydawnictwo MAG
A Polish publishing house, makers of the historical RPG Dzikie Pola (1997), the fantasy RPG Kryształy Czasu (1999), and the fantasy RPG Wiedźmin, gra wyobraźni (2001). They also published several translations of foreign role-playing games, including Warhammer, Earthdawn and Fading Suns - as well as the Doomtrooper and Kult collectible card games. Founded in 1993 by Jacek Rodek. It has been known for publishing Magia i Miecz, the first role-playing games-oriented magazine in Poland. It later moved to publishing only fiction, especially science-fiction and fantasy.
A Polish game company, makers of the Polish-language RPGs Droga Ku Chwale, Frankenstein Faktoria, De Profundis. They also produce under license Polish versions of "Legend of 5 Rings" and "Baron Munchausen", and their own campaign setting for Warhammer "Wladca Zimy" ("Master of Winter"). They also make the card/desk game "Machina" ("Machine") and has two magazines "Magazyn Portal" and "Gwiezdny Pirat" ("Star Pirate").
ul. Sieradzka 14/12, 60-163 Poznan (Poland)
Makers of unusual dice for RPGs and other games, with intricate engravings on the faces in a variety of sizes and colors.

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