RPG Company List: Sweden

Alltid Attack
A Swedish company, makers of the Swedish-language horror RPG Splatter.
A Swedish company, makers of the Swedish-language RPGs Drakar och Demoner and Mutant. This was mainly a brand name and trademark for Target Games, but may have had some releases as an independent entity.
Cell Entertainment
Kungsgatan 29, 3rd floor, S-111 56, Stockholm (Sweden)
A small-press Swedish company, makers of the new Gemini RPG.
Fallen Publishing
Small-press makers of the historical occult mystery game, Operation: Fallen Reich, by Mikael Reidal (2009) - an English-language game produced in Sweden. Founded in 2009 by Mikael Reidal and Christian Knutsson.
Fria Ligan
Small-press makers of the Swedish-language fantasy RPG Svavelvinter (2012). Founded by Nils Karlén, Tomas, Kosta Kostulas, and Christian Granath.
Järnringen HB
Swedish publishers of 3rd edition Mutant in 2002.
Lancelot Games
A defunct Swedish RPG company, former makers of the Western wild west RPG, Khelataar fantasy RPG, Wastelands post-holocaust RPG, and the Rubicon magazine, along with various boardgames and accessories. Founded circa 1989. It folded in the mid-90's.
Modiphius Entertainment
Makers of Achtung! Cthulhu, a roleplaying setting for Call of Cthulhu and Savage Worlds; the steampunk pulp mini-RPG Cogs, Cakes, & Swordsticks (2013) by Lynne Hardy; Mutant: Year Zero (2014), by Tomas Härenstam; Mindjammer - The Roleplaying Game (2014) by Sarah Newton; the DUST Adventures RPG, based Paolo Parente's DUST universe; the upcoming sci-fi game "Infinity - The Roleplaying Game. Adventures In the Human Sphere & Beyond", based on the Infinity miniatures game from the Spanish publisher Corvus Belli; and the fantasy RPG, Robert E. Howards CONAN - Adventures In An Age Undreamed Of. Also makers of the Thunderbirds co-op board game by Matt Leacock. Founded in 2012 by Chris Birch, launching the Achtung! Cthulhu roleplaying line in 2013, and the re-boot of the Mutant Chronicles RPG in Spring 2014.
Neo Games
Gustaf Dalinsgatan 13, 417 05 Goteborg (Sweden)
A Swedish RPG company, makers of Eon, Neotech and other RPGs. Staff includes (?) Marco Behrmann and Carl Johan Ström.
Olof Lindqvist Games
Small-press maker of the Swedish-language modern fantasy game, Portal (2005) by Olof Lindqvist.
Point Blank Games
Sylvestergatan 5, 41132 Göteborg (Sweden)
A Swedish RPG company, small-press makers of the Aggressio RPG. Founded by Kristoffer Simonsson in 1998.
A Swedish RPG company. Former makers of En Garde! and Skuggornas Mästare. Founded by Gunilla Jonsson and Mikael Petersén.
A Swedish company, makers of the Western wild west RPG (3rd ed), and the Gondica fantasy RPG. Founded in 1998 by four RPG veterans Anders Blixt, Anders Gillbring, Tove Poon-Gillbring, and Eke Rosenius.
Rävsvans Förlag
A small-press Swedish RPG company, makers of the fantasy RPGs Trollvinter and Västmark. Founded by Krister Sundelin.
Makers of the Swedish-language fantasy RPG Drakar och Demoner, 6th edition.
Svenil Games
c/o Daniel Lenneér, Kvarnv. pl 215, 540 17 Lerdala (Sweden)
A Swedish company, small-press makers of the humorous modern-day RPG Svenil Rollspelet (2000).
Target Games
A Swedish company. Former makers of the Mutant Chronicles RPG, Kult (1st edition). They also released the RPGs Drakar och Demoner and Mutant through their trademark Aventyrsspel. Target Games was bought during the 1990's by a "dot-com" company and ceased to actively develop games. The rights to the games was sold to a Swedish company called Paradox Entertainment AB. They have licended the rights to "Drakar och Demoner" to Riotminds, and the rights to "Mutant" to Järnringen HB.
Västerås Stift
The Västerås Diocese of the Lutheran Church of Sweden, makers of the Swedish-language RPG Tellus, and publishers of the series of Christian-education RPG series The Way.

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