RPG Company List: Canada

Amagi Games
Edmonton, Alberta (Canada)
Small-press makers of The Cog Wars (2008) as well as various free RPGs. An imprint of author Levi Kornelsen.
Ambient, Inc.
Vankleek Hill, Ontario (Canada)
Small-press makers of 3rd edition D&D (aka "D20") supplements, published electronically through rpgnow.com or in print through Mystic Eye Games. Founded by M. Jason Parent and Denise Robinson, along with artist Tony Monorchio.
Apocrypha Studios
Moncton, NB (Canada)
Small-press makers of Ngenesis: the Trials of Flesh (2008). Principles include author Justin Killam and Damien Hunt.
Buried Without Ceremony
Nelson, BC (Canada)
Small-press makers of the RPGs Ribbon Drive (2009) and Gun Thief (2010). An imprint of author Joe McDonald, the successor to his former imprint, Inciteful Entertainment.
Charon Productions
282c Campion St, Kelowna BC, v1x 7s8 (Canada)
Makers of the Battlepack gaming accessory for miniature figures. Founded by creator and RPG author Andrew J. Lucas, with distribution by En Pointe (a registered company owned by John Lucas).
Crosstime Games
Victoria, B.C. (Canada)
Small-press makers of the fantasy RPG Elemental Axes (2003). They have a science fiction RPG tentatively called Star Runners currently in development. Owned and operated by author Eric Seaton.
Daedalus Games
Ontario (Canada)
Former makers of the martial-arts action RPG Feng Shui and Nexus: The Infinite City. Founded by Jose Garcia in 1995. It eventually sold FS to Atlas Games in 1998 and folded.
Discordian Games
Suite 101-8391 Bennett Road, Victoria, B.C. V6Y 1N4 (Canada)
Former makers of the Legacy hard science sci-fi RPG, by J.D. Frazer. Related persons: designer J.D. Frazer (a481@mindlink.bc.ca), developer Nick Janow (a684@mindlink.bc.ca), and tech advisor Tom Klok (a344@mindlink.bc.ca).
Dragon Games
PO Box 916, Greenwood, Nova Scotia B0P 1N0 (Canada)
Small-press makers of the Xenoforce alien invasion conspiracy RPG. A Canadian company formed in January 1993 as a play-by-mail company.
Dragon Wizards
9143 Glover Rd, Fort Langley, B.C., v1m 2s5 Box 1167 (Canada)
Small-press makers of the free fantasy role-playing/card game "Dragon Wizards", available as a download, along with fantasy artwork under the label "Art Fantasies" available through RPGNow.
Dream Pod 9
5000 d'Iberville, Suite 332, Montreal QC H2H 256 (Canada)
Makers of the sci-fi mecha games Heavy Gear and The Jovian Chronicles along with the post-magical-holocaust fantasy game Tribe 8. A Montreal-based company, founded in 1992 as the games design division of Ianus Publications.
Eilfin Publishing
Suite 648, 105-150 Crowfoot Cres, NW Calgary, Alberta T3G 3T2 (Canada)
Small-press makers of the fantasy RPG Undiscovered.
Emerald Press
Small-press makers of supplements for 3rd edition D&D (aka "D20") and D20 Modern, including the Campaign Options and Modern Campaign Options series. Founded by owner Shane Garvey in 2003, and currently (2005) operated by Todd Crapper (Staff Writer and "Head Honcho"). Other staff include Clayton Bunce (Lead Cartographer), Sean C. Frolich (Art Director), Deborah Balsam (Writer/Graphic Artist), Duane Nutley (Editor), George Mitchel (Editor/Layout), and William Blackburn (Layout).
Fantages Studios
c/o Scott Broadbent, 33 Sunset Drive, Smith Falls, ON, K7A 4S5 (Canada)
Small-press makers of supplements for 3rd edition D&D (aka "D20") and D20 Modern, including the Wrestle supplement. Founded in 2002 by Creative Director and Chief Editor Scott Broadbent.
Fiery Dragon Productions
115 Front St. East, Suite 411, Toronto, ON, M5A 4S6 (Canada)
Small-press makers of supplements for 3rd edition D&D (aka "D20"). Three products were distributed as their own brand, but as of May 2001 they distribute under White Wolf's "Sword & Sorcery" brand. Founded in 2000 by authors Jason Kempton, James Bell and Todd Secord with Mike Johnstone as editor.
Firestorm Ink
1 Belgrove Dr., Toronto, ON M9B 1S2 (Canada)
Small-press makers of Gaesa - a game of people in various setting plagued by Faeries - and the humorous fantasy RPG Critical!: Go Westerly. They also produce Cybergeneration and supplements under license from R. Talsorian Games, Inc.. Founded by Jonathan Lavallee in 2003.
Fool's Moon Entertainment Inc.
Small-press makers of the Mhar Fantasy RPG. Founded in 2001 by Kevin Papineau and Christopher "Kit" LaHaise.
Global Games
76 Jane St., Toronto, Ontario M6S 3Y5 (Canada)
Small-press makers of the "Inferno: Battles of the Abyss" miniatures system and the Abyss RPG, set in Dante's Inferno.
Guardians of Order
PO Box 25016, 370 Stone Rd, Guelph, Ontario, N1G 4T4 (Canada)
Makers of the "generic" Japanese anime RPG Big Eyes, Small Mouth and numerous related games: Silver Age Sentinels, Sailor Moon, Tenchi Muyo, El-Hazard, Silver Age Sentinels (2002), and others. Founded in 1997 by Mark C. MacKinnon, it specialized in authorized Japanese anime Ultimate Fan Guides and cinematic role-playing games. Headquartered in Guelph, Ontario. Based in Guelph, Ontario. In 1999, they acquired Event Horizons Publications along with EHP's RPG lines. In 2002, they announced a new imprint called "Magnum Opus" for the publication of RPGs for creative partners, starting with three companies: La Mancha Games, Phile, Primal Utterings. In July 2006, Mark MacKinnon announced that they were ceasing operations.
Guild Hall Press
c/o M. Demetro, 121 Sexton Crescent, Toronto, Ontario M2H 2L7 (Canada)
Small-press makers of the parody-horror RPG Scared Stiff (2002), also available in free demo form over the web.
Imagineering Design Inc
406, 629 Royal Avenue S.W., Calgary, Alberta T2S 0G2 (Canada)
Small-press makers of the "Edge City" cyberpunk card/board game (advertised as a "tabletop RPG").
Inciteful Entertainment
Small-press makers of the alternate-reality crime genre game, Perfect (2006). The imprint of author Joe McDonald.
Inkeptum Ultra Visio
Calgary (Canada)
Small-press former makers of the science fiction RPG Genesis (1986,1990). The First version was produced in 1986 and sold only 200 copies mostly around Calgary. The Second version was mass produced in 1990 and sold all 2000 copies. The Third unreleased version has sat on shelves / in boxes / in a garage for the past 13 years.
J.A.C.H. Books
Small-press creators of The Realms of Atlantasia (2011) by John Holland. Founded by John Holland, Lea Currie-Holland, and Andrew G. Canam.
La Mancha Games
Toronto, Ontario (Canada)
Intended makers of the unpublished technothriller RPG entitled Fourth Millenium. It is created by James Maliszewski and Kevin Brennan, with editting by Michelle Lyons et al. It was to be published in conjunction with Guardians of Order as part of their "Magnum Opus" imprint. The game was previewed in the Winter 2004 Issue of Daedalus. As of 2008, Fourth Millenium is set to be published by Rogue Games.
May Contain Monkeys
Small-press makers of Sweet Dreams: The Storytelling Game of Romance, Espionage and Horror in High School. It is the imprint of owner, designer, writer, and illustrator Allan Dotson. Others include Aaron Coquet (graphic design, webmaster, printing), David Richards (additional game design), Anat Rabkin (illustrator), and Kelly Aaons (illustrator).
Mind Storm Labs
Ottawa (Canada)
Makers of upcoming post-apocalyptic fantasy RPG, Alpha Omega, by David Carter and Earl Fischl, previewed at GenCon Indy 2007 and released in 2008.
Mob United Media
Small-press makers of AEternal Legends RPG (2007), by Stewart Wilson; as well as Codex: Story Gaming for Creative People RPG (2007) and the horror and dark fantasy RPG Opening the Dark (2007), both by Malcolm Sheppard. This is the game design house of Malcolm Sheppard.
Morrigan Press
New Brunswick (Canada)
Small-press publishers of the post-apocalyptic Jeremiah Roleplaying Game, the Organized Crime line of sourcebooks for the d20 Modern system, the High Medieval RPG, and the upcoming Atlantis: The Second Age. In 2005, it published a revised edition of The Seventh Seal: Roleplaying Game of Prophetic Revelations, taking over from Creative Illusions, Inc.. It also published a revised 4th edition of the Talislanta RPG, taking over from Shooting Iron Design. Founded in 2004 by Scott Agnew with Jim Andrews (author), Aaron Dembski-Bowden (author), Vern Stewart (illustrator), and more.
Pendelhaven Games
St. Laurent, Quebec (Canada)
Small-press makers of the RPGs Fate of the Norns (1993) along with "Somnabulist Beta". Pendelhaven was established in 1996 by Andrew Valkauskas for the purpose of software development and computer consulting.
83 Boston Avenue, Toronto, Ontario, M4M 2T8 (Canada)
Makers of the comedy RPGs Murphy's World (1995) and Bob, Lord of Evil (1993).
Red Spire Press
Calgary, AB (Canada)
Small-press publishers of the Dark Legacies campaign setting for third edition D&D (aka "D20"). Founded in the summer of 2001 by Yuval Kordov. Though Yuval remains the core of the company, it has since expanded with the involvement of others from the gaming, art and new media industries.
Seventh Moon
671 Strathcona Street, Winnipeg MB, R3G 3E9 (Canada)
Small-press makers of the Havoc live-action RPG by Clint Staples.
ShadowCraft Imaging Group
Toronto, Ontario (Canada)
Small-press makers of the FlipQuest collectible card games.
Steamlogic Editions
2200 Hochelega, #301 Montreal,QC H2K 4N8 (Canada)
Makers of the industrial fantasy RPG, Mechanical Dream. Founded by authors Benjamin Paquette and Francis Larose.
Stormworld Games
Former small-press makers of the Cutthroat Roleplaying RPG. Development started in 1988. In 1997 an abridged electronic version was published in limited partnership with Hypercult Publishing, followed by two print/electonic editions. Founded by Nathan Kaylor (Creative Director) with Jason Walton (Asst Art Directory), Mike Singleton (Game Designer), and Eric Goldberg (Editor/Game Designer).
Third Millenium Games
388 Wellesley Street East, Toronto, Ontario, M4X 1H6 (Canada)
Intended makers (confusingly enough) of the upcoming Fourth Millenium sci-fi RPG, by James Maliszewski. As of 2008, Fourth Millenium is set to be published by Rogue Games.
Thol-Far Adventures
Kingston, Ontario (Canada)
Former small-press makers of the Thol-Far RPG. Founded by Thomas Cook in 1998 to market an RPG based on his setting used in numerous campaigns and convention tournaments. This stopped distribution around 2001.
Timeless Games
Small-press makers of the near-future sci-fi RPG, The Terran Story (2004), by Richard Parkinson. An imprint of Better Mouse Games.
Trawna Publications
Toronto, Ontario (Canada)
Small-press makers of the "Infinite Horizons" multi-genre RPG, currently available as freeware. Founded by Greg Schmidt in the early 1990's.
VSCA Publishing
Small-press makers of the hard science fiction RPG, Diaspora (2009).
XID Creative
PO Box 470, Westmount, QC, H3Z 2Y6 (Canada)
5201 Cote Saint-Antoine, Montreal, Quebec, H4A 1P2 (Canada)
A small-press Canadian company, makers of the Providence fantasy RPG by Richard Binek, Nicolas Jequier, Jeff Mackintosh, Michael Scott, and Lucien Soulban. In July 2000 they merged with Hubris Games.

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